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I had a somewhat amusing, but strange dream about Merlin. It's a shame that I've forgotten most of it already.

In that dream, Arthur and Merlin had been forced to marry. They had had a whole day of ceremonies and celebrating, and now they were really tired and just lying on Arthur's bed. (There were no plans to consummate the marriage, or anything of that sort, really.) Merlin was complaining: "Now that I'm a prince consort, I'm gonna have so little time to myself or my research. I'm so sad! I really, really wanted to read that one book about apes!"

Anthropoid apes and monkeys were Merlin's passion. He had a pet monkey, except it was a magical, mechanical monkey. It followed him around almost everywhere. Merlin had even made some sort of secret vow to apes, in order to be allowed to study their secrets. Two of his canine teeth had been taken away in a ritual and twisted around a twig in order to make some sort of religious ornament. This was a big secret, though, and Arthur was to never know that some of Merlin's teeth had been very recently grown (in order to substitute the ones that were taken away.)

Even though Arthur didn't know all of this, he knew that ape research pretty important to Merlin. He took pity on him and said "Well, at least I have read that book. Maybe you can ask me questions about it?"
And Merlin asked: "When a human encountered a monkey the first time, what did the monkey say to the human?"
"I don't remember. Was that really in the book?"
"Yes. It said..." And then there was a really bad punchline. And Merlin told "Why did the monkey cross the road?" type of jokes for the rest of their wedding night while Arthur just rolled his eyes.

I'm pretty sure that I had this dream because I've recently read "With This Ring", a A/M tale about being forced to marry: (its author is anonymous at the moment, but will be revealed at the end of the fest) and "Steam" by [ profile] new_kate:, a steampunk story in which there is a mechanical, magical bird. But for the rest of that dream, I blame my own subconscious.
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