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Some time ago, I watched The Sword in the Stone. I should have done it sooner! Some SPOILERY notes I made about the movie:

AHA! moments:
- So that's where the Marvin thing comes from! In the movie, there's a king who can't seem to remember Merlin's name, instead calling him Marlin or Marvin or what have you. (And this has been transferred into fics.)
- That's where the Archimedes thing comes from! In the movie, Merlin has an owl named Archimedes. (I've seen Archimedes in one fic on the kinkmeme, unfortunately I cannot find it right now because I can't find delicious' search function. FAIL.)
- That's where Madame Mim made her first appearance! I thought that she had been created for the Mickey Mouse magazine.

Compare/contrast with Merlin the series:
-The Sword in the Stone has a strong theme on how destiny doesn't bind you.
- Arthur made a speech about how magic is good.

Stuff that sucked:
- Merlin compared heterosexuality to gravity. Seriously.
- The "Girls are soooo strange!" trope was invoked when female squirrels harassed squirrel!Arthur and squirrel!Merlin. Also, harassment is funny. Especially when it's girls harassing boys.
- Madam Mim called herself ugly :( I thought her character looked like a pretty normal middle-aged woman... with additional lilac hair. Also, if I remember correctly, she was the only woman in the movie. (Well, it's a Disney movie from the 60's, what did I expect.)


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