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In Finland we have this thing called...

The Nightmares of the Bench.


Well, not seriously. But we have this thing called penkkarit, which is short for penkinpainajaiset, which most likely means "an occasion where we press the bench" but could also be mistranslated as The Nightmares of the Bench.

( The big occasion that we celebrate is that we have no more courses to complete in upper secondary school. No more school! In about a month though, we'll have to do our abitur, which is sort of like the French baccalauréat, or SATs or A-levels. And then we're out of this school... except for me - I'm staying for another year because I've got so damn many subjects to study. But it's alright, I like it here.

Anyway, the day was... Fucking brilliant.

I dressed up as Morgana. Nobody recognized the character (It figures, the show hasn't been aired in Finland yet) but I got lots of compliments from people saying that they didn't even recognize me, they just thought I was some beautiful young lady dressed up as a medieval noblewoman :D

As per the penkkarit traditions, we were driven around in trucks and threw candy to little kids. Yay! We threw it at adults, too, but none of them tried to catch it or pick it up. Pfft. Such bores.

In the evening, I went partying at a night club for the first time. (I don't drink, so I haven't seen any reason to visit bars before.) The place was pretty horrible - constant loud noise, bad air conditioning, drunken people all over... At the end of the night, the dance floor was filled with spilled beer and shards of broken glass. But we still kept dancing - and I had the time of my life!

Basically, this post was just to tell you that it was THE AWESOMEST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF EVER.
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